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Tooth Polish

Tooth Polish

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This purely natural, hand-crafted, fluoride-free, re-mineralizing tooth polish will give the cleanest mouthfeel you have ever experienced.  Each food grade ingredient has been carefully selected specifically for the the best cleaning capabilities while protecting the natural micro-biome of your mouth.

Organic extra virgin coconut oil forms the base of this silky polish.  While its antimicrobial properties help to clean, the oil gently pulls impurities and toxins from the enamel and dentin.  Baking soda offer a  pure and natural gentle cleansing and whitening. Calcium Carbonate re-mineralizes your teeth.  Organic essential oils of wintergreen and clove provide pain relief for sensitive teeth and gums, while cinnamon and tea tree have potent antibacterial properties, providing long-lasting fresh breath. Tea tree oil also prevents plaque build-up.

Give it a try.  You won't want another toothpaste after trying this one-the simplest, purest, most effective clean your mouth will ever experience!

Ingredients: Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Baking Soda, Calcium Carbonate USP, Organic essential oils of Wintergreen, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark, Australian Tea Tree

To Use: Dip bristles of soft toothbrush into the tooth polish, coating the ends of each bristle. Brush teeth gently for at least one minute. Spit and rinse, do not swallow. Brush at least twice daily.

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Customer Reviews

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Sharon Youval

Tooth Polish

Cindy H.
Amazing Product

I absolutely love this product. I am a several times repeat customer. It cleans the coffee and tea stains from my teeth and makes them feel dentist clean after using.


I like the results, but it is very difficult to get any of the paste on a toothbrush. I have resorted to scraping bits out of the tiny jar and placing them in between the toothbrush bristles. Wish it were easier to use.