Coconut Oil

We love Coconut Oil!  We use USDA certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. It is essential to many of our formulations: Tooth PolishThe Lip ButterThe Butter Balm, and our Silk Whipped Body Butter, Skin's Kiss Moisturizing Body Oil, and our Hair Tonic and Beard Tonic

Coconut oil provides very high moisture retention for skin and hair.  It is also useful for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. These are especially useful in our Tooth Polish Formulation, naturally protecting the mouth's micro-biome while insuring that harmful bacteria is kept at bay. It is mainly the lauric acid in the coconut oil that acts as the antibacterial agent.

For the hair it softens, manages frizz and fly-aways, increases shine and elasticity, and is very easily absorbed--all the goodness without the greasiness!

For the skin, it provides a natural SPF factor of a 4-6, and deeply penetrating and quickly absorbed. The Vitamin E found in coconut oil soothes eczema, sunburn and psoriasis. Coconut oil contains 3 fatty acids: capric acid, lauric acid and caprylic acid. Each of these acids kill candida, a common cause of fungal infection on your skin.